April 9th 2017

micro orchestra

Live recording of a short jam session by participants using Pure Data in the MicroOrchestra workshop at the University of Denver Emergent Digital Practices program. This 2 hour workshop, part of a spring workshop series, introduced Pure Data as well as digital performance using audio DSP in Pd with the result being the creation of custom instrument control for use in a short collaborative performance.

Performers: Ben, Rich, Parker, & Dan

March 17th 2017
announcement, loaf

loaf screenshot

loaf: lua, osc, and openFrameworks

After multiple iterations over the years, I'm pleased to announce the release of loaf, a live-coding tool for openFrameworks using the Lua scripting language.


loaf is an interpreter for openFrameworks which allows you to write OF applications in the Lua scripting language. This means you can quickly create using openFrameworks but without having to compile C++ or use a heavy IDE like Xcode or Visual Studio. A built-in OSC (Open Sound Control) server enables loaf to communicate natively with other c...

December 12th 2016
announcement, installation

Trust Me @ roboexotica award

Trust Me: call the GOLDEN ASS on the red phone & argue for a drink

Trust Me, our cocktail robot for Roböxotica 2016, won the 18th Annual Cocktail Robot Award for Bartending Conversation. TREMENDOUS! See the project page for more info.

Trust Me @ roboexotica day 1

November 4th 2016
installation, update

Experiments in balloon motion and sound using an MS Kinect depth sensing camera.

Mode 3: 2016 Election Edition

The playback speed of Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy announcements is controlled by balloon height. Balloon color is used to track each candidate: red - Trump and blue - Hillary.

A followup to the original 2011 project: Balloon Project

November 3rd 2016
announcement, pdparty

PdParty logo

After years of on and off work, I’m pleased to announce PdParty 1.0.2 is available for download on the iOS App Store:


PdParty is an open-source iOS application for running Pure Data patches on Apple mobile devices using libpd. Directly inspired by Chris McCormick's PdDroidParty for Android and the original RjDj by Reality Jockey, PdParty takes a step further by supporting OSC (Open Sound Control), MIDI, & MiFi game controller input as well as implementing the native Pd GUI objects for a WYSIWYG patch to mobile device experience.

October 3rd 2016

Autumn LEAF postcard

robotcowboy will be performing at AutumnLEAF (Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival) 2016 with Oynx Ashanti, SUE-C, & Normal Ones

AutumnLEAF is a FREE event scheduled for October 7-8, 2016 that will feature live experimental and audiovisual music performances from an international cast of players.

AutumnLEAF 2016
October 7th & 8th
Lafayette, CO (NW of Denver)

September 28th 2016

Small excerpt from what is being called the "first every recording of computer music" using a system programmed by Alan Turing in 1951. Pulled from the Guardian's Soundcloud.

September 21st 2016

PdCon16~ poster

I will be busy at the 5th Pure Data convention in November:

New York City
Nov 16-20 2016

September 10th 2016


Thanks to a residency at the MuseumsQuartier Wien & sponsored by monochrom, Anika and I are working on a project called Auto Cucumber for the world's preeminent cocktail robot festival. See you there!

Roböxotica 2016
Vienna, Austria Dec 8-11 2016

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