As a media artist/performer, software and electronics are an integral part of my practice. These are the tools of our time with which to explore new areas of expression.

Public projects are hosted on Github:

Selected Projects

PdParty run Pure Data patches on Apple mobile devices
ShadowPlay play with patterns of light and shadow transformed into sound
SpeedPitch iOS media player with playback rate based on live GPS ground speed
loaf lua, osc, and openFrameworks: a live-coding interpreter for OF


hid device to osc event daemon for the robotcowboy project


Pure Data abstraction library for the robotcowboy project


an intro to Pure Data, examples galore


2d framebuffer library for the Ars Electronica media facade
Contributor to: libpd, Pure Data, & openFrameworks
openFrameworks addons: ofxPd, ofxLua, ofxMidi, ofxGLEditor, & ofxAppUtils

Research / Work

Feel free to contact me for freelance work. Previous employers, art/tech research groups, & freelance clients include:

ZKM | Hertz-Lab ZKM research & production
Ars Electronica Futurelab Ars Electronica R&D
Frank-Ratchey Studio for Creative Inquiry Carnegie Mellon School of Art inter/anti-disciplinary research
Golan Levin media artist & SFCI director
Iontank Pittsburgh-based design & production company
Ninjatune electro/hip-hop indie record label