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art sniffer

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OF Lab

I took part in the openFrameworks Lab at the Ars Electronica Festival 08:

Zachary Lieberman and Theo Watson, originators of openFrameworks, an open source, C++ toolkit for artists and creative technologists, are transforming the 1st floor of the Brucknerhaus into an experimental laboratory: OF lab. The idea is to build a space where a dozen or so hackers, tinkerers and researchers will hang out and experiment, make art, create guerrilla exhibitions around the festival and document their progress and discoveries. The “OF lab” will focus on creating new works that come directly out of suggestions from the festival audience members, and over the course of the event, create a feedback loop between suggestions, experimentation, making projects, exhibiting the results and most importantly, exposing the process.

OF Lab Ars Project Page / OF Lab video

People visiting the lab proposed projects using up to 5 words and were photographed holding their idea. These pictures were printed and transported to the 2nd floor where the laboratory members processed the idea and created new media project. The idea submitters were then contacted and shown the resulting project in a small public exhibition. Image and video documentation were taken and finished projects displayed in the first floor exhibition.

Pierre Proske and I made 2 projects, one of which is the Art Sniffer.

Art Sniffer

Project id: 73
Time: 6 hrs
Lines of Code: 259

sense = smell
art = good, mediocre, or crap
behold the art sniffer, kind of like a geiger counter but for art

Industrial design help by Taeyoon Choi.