Loss / Recovery / Decay
installation, sound design, collaboration, mini

Loss / Recovery / Decay explores our relationship to loss as one of entropy. - Carl Bajandas


I implemented the sound design and programming for Carl Bajandas' large format "unstable crystal color field" painting which shifts slowly over time from blue to black due to a chemical reaction:

In reaction to this change, custom audio generation software creates a corresponding sound-scape. As an instrument Loss / Recovery / Decay takes agency away from the 'player' and cedes it entirely to the chemical process.

Loss / Recovery / Decay - sound design excerpt

Presented at the Carnegie Mellon MFA Thesis Exhibition in Pittsburgh PA, March 2014.


Carl developed the painting and it's process as well as a general description for the sound design. I wrote both a camera color tracker which ran on an embedded computer and live audio generation which shifted between layers of drone tones and chaotic noise.

Made using OpenFrameworks and Pure Data. Drone tones inspired by Damian Stewart.