installation, software, collaboration

Re-Tratos (Portraying || Dealing With) is an interactive work that establishes a temporary connection between audiences in two contexts, which are divided but also interdependent: Cubans living on the island and Cubans living in Miami. - Felipe Castelblanco


An interactive two-way mirror which projects faces onto the viewers face by my classmate, Felipe Castelblanco. I created the software for the project using video capture/playback techniques and face tracking.

Presented at the Camagüey International Video Art Festival in Cuba, April 2013.

For more info, see Felipe’s Website:


Felipe stopped in Miami on his way to Cuba and recorded video portraits of Cubans living there. “Do you have a message for Cuba?” At the festival, these portraits were then projected onto the faces of the Cubans looking into the mirror.

Made using OpenFrameworks and ofxFaceTracker.