Cyborg Cabaret
performance, theater, collaboration

The Cyborg Cabaret explores human, robot, and cyborg relationships in a variety show format featuring everything from cutting edge metal machines to cardboard-suited meat bags. Expect tear-jerking vignettes, frequent non-sequiters, and lots of humor through avant art-meets-science theater.

Co-directed by Heather Knight & Dan Wilcox with videography by Ben Saks.

The show took place at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Made possible by the CMU School of Art Interdisciplinary Award 2011.


CMU School of Art / VIA PGH / New Hazlett Theater


Assemble PGH / Hack PGH / CMU Studio for Creative Inquiry / Robot Film Festival / Marilyn Monrobot / robotcowboy