Robot Rumble
performance, installation

ASIMO down

Google car attack

Robot Rumble installation

What if today’s robotic technology could be put to the test in a one-on-one tiered wrestling tournament? How would a Roomba stack up against a UAV? Could a Google self-driving car defeat the cuteness of Keep-On? Uh oh, Geminoid was talking smack about the CMU CRUSHER! It’s on!

Opening Opening Opening! Come on down to see who will win the Colossal Weight championship of the world!


Robot Rumble is a live multimedia performance where actors portray real-life robots in one on one bouts in the style of backyard and WWF wrestling. Major themes of robots and society will be explored through cardboard-crushing, masculine soap operatic action.

The event will occur on the opening night of the first and second year MFA show at Bakery Square in end of March and a subsequent showing will take place in the end of April as part of the upcoming Cyborg Cabaret show.

Reference Videos

Macho Man’s Cocaine-fueled Interview
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The Ultimate Warrior’s “Crash The Plane” Promo


March 30th, 10pm @ Bakery Square as part of the Extra Fancy CMU MFA spring show