Ultimate Euro Sticker
design, collab, mini

CH oval plate

Original Swiss metal oval vehicle plate.

The old-style, two-letter European vehicle country registration stickers have grown very popular in the US. They now stand in for so many places the meaning of the abbreviation is printed in small text underneath.

lame stickers

Various Euro-style oval stickers for US cities.

Why bother with poor imitations from nowheresville when you could have the Ultimate Euro Sticker that covers #everywhere? A collaboration with Russell Karloff.

ultimate euro sticker

Expanded Set

Update: Expanded Western Latin set for actual Europeans (non-USonians) aka Onur & Martin.

ultimate euro sticker expanded

USonian Edition

Update 2: Explicit USonian-edition.

utlimate euro sticker usonian

Long Editions

Update 3: The original long rear-window spanning editions.

ultimate euro sticker long

utlimate euro sticker expanded long