Venice Mouth
performance, video, software

Venice Mouth print

Words become the shape of my mouth as I read Geometry and Non: VeniceMouth-2011-11-29-23-08-17-504.pdf


I was given an assignment to create a screen print based on the city of Venice and inspired by the poem Geometry and Non by Jennifer Scappettone (Actually, this is a erroneous amalgamation of various poems attributed to Scappettone, sorry this is a collage given to me as the real thing. Apologies.). As more of a performer then visual artist, I decided to create a piece of software that could turn a reading of the poem into it’s visual analog. This singular performance generated both the print as a PDF and video documentation of its creation.

Built using Open Frameworks, ofxKinect, OpenCV, and Dr. Jason Saragih’s FaceTracker through Kyle McDonald’s ofxFaceTracker wrapper.

Music: La Serenissima (Theme From ‘Venice In Peril’) by Rondo Veneziano.


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