List of Work

2016 Trust Me cocktail robot, collab, residency
2016 Ultimate Euro Sticker design, collab, speed project
2015 Makey Candy performance, speed project
2015 The Elephants performance, audiovisual, speed project
2014-2015 Th' Royal Shakes music, performance, cover band
2014-present robotcowboy: onward to mars music, performance, space travel
2013 Return of the Spirit of Molten Iron performance, sound
2013 Re-Tratos installation, software, collaboration
2012-13 Heading to Mars experiential research, analog astronauting
2012 Scrapple Audio Engine sound design, freelance
2011-12 Cyborg Cabaret performance, theater, collaboration
2012 Robot Rumble performance, installation
2011 Venice Mouth performance, video, software
Array Balloon Project installation, sound
2010 Titty Tracker performance, video, software
2010 Boomerang for Pd software, sound, homage
2010 AEC Facade Terminal installation, audiovisual, media facade, work
2009-10 Danceoke vj, software, collaboration
2008-09 ZeitRaum installation, distributed graphics, work
2008 Art Sniffer performance, software, collaboration
2006-12 robotcowboy: cabled madness music, performance, wearable computation
2006 praya dubia installation, electronics, audiovisual, collaboration
2006 Chaotic Erotic Oscillator electronics, video
2006 midi_karaoke performance, collaboration
2006 the cast-outs music, 1 take improv wonders
2006 Recharge installation, performance
2005 GOLDEN performance, video
2005 The Sloppy Bytes music, performance, video
2003-2005 7inchWave music, performance, DEVO surf punk